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Dr. Chris McKinney - McKinney Family DentistryDr. Chris McKinney - McKinney Family Dentistry

About Dr. Chris Mckinney

Dr. Chris McKinney graduated from the University of Oklahoma and moved to San Diego in 2004. In 2006, Dr. McKinney joined the practice as an associate for Dr. Brannon and later bought the practice in July of 2012. His dental practice includes family and aesthetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, root canals, and laser dentistry.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys hanging out with family and friends, spending time outdoors, exercising, reading, and home projects.

My approach to dentistry and patient care has changed over the years. As a perfectionist, I had the goal of excellent dental care for my patients. That goal has not changed, but the emphasis has. When I go to work, I am more mindful of my patients, with the ultimate goal of taking care of them. That means taking care of the patient, not the tooth.  Every day I aim to provide patients with honest, ethical, excellent dentistry. That means always keeping your needs, fears, trust, time, and finances in mind.

I believe technology is a tool. Some tools are better than others. As so many technologies are developing, I am excited to be implementing them into our practice. Ultimately, they need to make dentistry better. That means easier, faster and better for the patient. As digital technologies are rapidly changing, I am excited for the changes coming in the next 5-10 years and for those that have already arrived.

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Dr. Shawn Ranejat  - McKinney Family DentistryDr. Shawn Ranejat  - McKinney Family Dentistry

About Dr. Shawn Ranejat

Dr. Shawn Ranejat grew up in Northern California and attended school at UC Berkeley and UCSD before receiving his DDS from The University of Oklahoma in 1987.  Subsequently, he returned to San Diego and established his dental practice “Mercado Dental” in Rancho Bernardo where he practiced for 28 years.  Dr. Ranejat enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, swimming, hiking, as well as cooking.   “I am really excited to return part time to clinical dentistry and honored to be part of a great team at McKinney Family Dentistry.”