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Oral Surgery in Poway, CA

When a tooth is beyond repair, or needs to be removed for other reasons, oral surgery may be necessary. Our dentist in Poway can help with all of your oral surgery needs. We have experience with a variety of procedures, and will work with you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Tooth Extraction in Poway, CA - Oral Surgery Poway

Tooth Extraction

We may determine that you need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

The removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which can have a major impact on your dental health.

Dental Implants in Poway, CA - Oral Surgery

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. lmplants are tiny titanium posts which are placed into the jaw bone where teeth are missing. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Dental implants help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone deterioration which occurs when teeth are missing.

For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves two surgical procedures. First, dental implants are placed within your jaw bone. For the first three to six months following surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums, gradually bonding with the jaw bone. You should be able to wear temporary dentures and eat a soft diet during this time.

After the dental implant has bonded to the jaw bone, the second phase begins. The surgeon will uncover the implants and attach a small healing collar. Dr. Chris McKinney can then start making your new teeth. Then posts or attachments can be connected to the implants. The replacement teeth are then made over the posts or attachments. The entire procedure usually takes six to eight months.

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