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CEREC Technology

CEREC is an incredible in-office system that allows us to restore your teeth with crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, or bridges in one visit. This gives us greater control over the results and lets us avoid temporary crowns. Impressions are no longer required with this technology. We can also save you time and reduce the number of visits required to complete your treatment.

CEREC Technology

No Temporaries

The CEREC machine helps Dr. Chris McKinney create the restoration for your tooth. The CEREC 3D software takes the digital picture and converts it into a 3-dimensional virtual model on the computer screen.

Your dentist in Poway then uses his dental expertise to design the restoration using the CEREC 3D computer program. Within a few minutes, Dr. McKinney clicks a button, and the restoration design data is sent to a separate milling machine in the office.

A ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the milling machine. About 10 – 15 minutes later, your all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is ready to try in.

What is CEREC Used For? - CEREC Technology

What is CEREC Used For?

CEREC is very versatile. CEREC can create any indirect restoration. An indirect restoration is one that is created outside of your mouth with stronger materials and with optimal contours. These include inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, and implant crowns. Multiple teeth can be treated in the same visit.

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